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ISCC - Content Identifiers#

The ISCC (International Standard Content Code) is a modern, generic, and free content identifier:



The media industry is still mostly relying on identifiers that were originally designed for physical products such as printed books and magazines. However, traditional content identifiers (like ISBN, ISSN or ISRC) are managed centrally and fall short of the requirements for digital trade.

Freely accessible standard identifiers, which are specifically designed to manage content in our digital century are a fundamental prerequisite for blockchain based transactions and sales activities in an increasingly heterogeneous media environment.

With better identifiers for digital content, the entire ecosystem becomes more efficient.

Key Differentiators#

Existing Media Identifiers ISCC Content Identifier
Centralized issuance Decentralized issuance
Industry specific overspecialization Generic content identifier
None or human curated semantics Algorithmic similarity & deduplication
High management costs Low management costs
High barrier of entry Low barrier of entry
Not designed for blockchain storage Designed for and registered on blockchain

How it works#

ISCC identifiers are generated algorithmically from a basic set of metadata and the content itself. The ISCC does not have to be carried explicitly with the content because the content itself is the authority of the ISCC Code.

The ISCC Code is a unique, hierarchically structured composite identifier. It is built from a generic and balanced mix of content-derived, locality-sensitive and similarity-preserving hashes generated from metadata and content.


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