ISCC - Resources#

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ISCC - Official Software & Tools#


An open-source command-line tool that can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems by developers and computer savvy persons to create ISCC codes from media files and URLs. The tool is based on the reference implementation but also includes new and experimental features (e.g., Audio-Codes, Video-Codes) that are not yet part of the public specification.

ISCC - Web Service#

A REST OpenAPI backend service application for creating ISCC codes for digital media files and URLs. The Webservice is built with FastAPI and makes use of the ISCC reference implementation and the ISCC Command Line Tool and includes interactive API documentation.

ISCC - Specification & Reference Implementation#

The official ISCC reference implementation. The reference code is published on the Python Package Index and can be installed as a library by developers. The ISCC specification is written in markdown and hosted in the same source code repository and published at For contributions and public discussions, please use the corresponding issue tracker.

ISCC - Third-Party Implementations#


Rust implementation of the ISCC specification.


Command-line tool based on the iscc-rs library.


Golang implementation of the ISCC protocol.


C# .Net Core implementation of the ISCC protocol.

ISCC - Technical Demos & Integrations#

Web Demo#

A demo web application that can generate and lookup ISCC codes from files or URLs and visualizes differences between ISCC Codes. The source code is also available.

Data Streams#

The Content Blockchain Testnet is running a public data-stream of ISCC codes for testing and demonstration purposes. The web demo uses the ISCC data-stream for lookups.


CLink.ID is an interoperable registry, architected to recognize identifiers and meta-data regardless of whether they are Handle- or content-based and/or block-chain inspired. CLink.ID is operated by CLink Media , Inc. and has integrated ISCC in its registry.

Smart License Demo#

Prototype demo of a smart licensing framework that uses ISCC codes for content identification. Source code is also available.

Blockchain Wallet Demo#

An early prototype demo of a blockchain wallet that uses ISCC codes for license tokenization.

ISCC - Presentations & Articles#

Blockchain for Science Conference (Berlin, 2019)#

ISCC - Similarity hashing for digital content identification in decentralized environments. Recording of the 30-minute talk.

Organizations and Initiatives#

ISCC Foundation#

The ISCC Foundation is an independent international nonprofit organization that promotes information technologies for the common good.

In particular, the foundation supports the ISCC and promotes the development and adoption of open standards and open source technologies as well as tools and services that enable individuals and organizations to better create, manage, discover, access, share, and monetize digital content, knowledge, and ideas.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization#

ISO/TC 46/SC 9 (Identification and description) has accepted the International Standard Content Code as a preliminary work item and created a new working group (WG 18 - Digital-Content-Based Identification).

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